Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week 6/17 HM Training - Run #5 20K PB

As of today, I have accumulated multiple PB's ... :)

PB weekly mileage = 61.7 km (38.3 miles)

PB monthly mileage = 220.3 km (136.9 miles)

I am counting the following because my current training program scheduled me to leap from an LSD of 16K/10 miles to an LSD of 19.5K/12 miles in one week. However, I still want to track the in-between kms. I have run these distances only twice before - the first time when training for my HM last year (using the 10:1 run/walk method), and then during my actual HM last October.

This is why this is such a big deal to me. :)

I achieved the following by running slowly, but solidly, with one brief stop - one to scoop up Wallace poop - and one "walk up a small hill" at then end of my run (you can see the pace plummet slightly between 19K and 20K):

PB 17K training run = 2:05:23 (7:23/km ... 11:52/mile)

PB 18K training run = 2:12:54 (7:23/km ... 11:52/mile)

PB 19K training run = 2:20:38 (7:24/km ... 11:55/mile)

PB 19.5K / 12 miles = 2:24:56 (7:26/km ... 11:58/mile)

PB 20K = 2:29:13 (7:28/km ... 12:00/mile)

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