Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Ran 20K Today !!!!!!! :) :) :)

Pace 7:59 min/km

It was a busy long weekend on this end with my mom and my sister's family (BIL + 3 kids under 5 years old!) here for Thanksgiving. This is why I was sooooo determined to get that 20K under my belt before they arrived Saturday afternoon because I knew my schedule would be upended and my runs affected.

Saturday morning was a *perfect* morning for running. The sun was out but it wasn't hot. It was just the right temperature for running in a tech T and shorts, but walkers and cyclists had jackets on. I wasn't "sweaty" but had a little glow happening, and this after 20K! I am so glad I was out and running because the weather just doesn't get better than this! And the scenery was wonderful, too, with fall leaves turning brilliant shades of orange and yellow and red. I lived in British Columbia for 10 years and only felt "homesick" for Ontario in the fall because the autumn season there is just not like it is here! :)

If I was writing this blog at the 9K mark, I would have written about how good I felt and how I could run forever! My pace was good, I felt great, and I also felt like I was truly a runner.

However, soon after the 10K mark, I could feel the sluggish feeling start and my second split proved to be tougher than my first split, which surprised me. I actually felt like I hit a bit of a wall and actually contemplated shortening my run. Luckily, by the time I reached the point in the path where I could go "this way" to get home quickly or "that way" to continue my run, I felt a mini surge and chose to continue running for another 4.5K ...

The last 2K were slower and I really had to work at it to keep going, but I did it! 20K officially under my belt and this is what I needed to know that, in two week's time, I really am capable of running a half marathon! :)

In spite of not feeling strong the whole time, like I did when I ran my 18K two weeks ago, I was delighted to see my time. The 2:30 zone is not so unrealistic after all! :) I have noticed my trend of long runs is "okay" one week and "great" the following so I am taking it as a "good sign" that this this 20K was "okay" ergo my next run, the half marathon, will be great! :) I am keeping in mind that I woke up @ 4:30 when Ben's alarm went off and I only dozed after this so I had a short night of sleep. One other time when I had a run like this was the last time when my sister visited and I was up late and up early for my 17K run. A lack of sleep really affects me!

I found sleeping a little uncomfortable after this run. In hindsight, I should have slept with a pillow between my legs as my joints where the legs join the hips (hip flexors?) were a little sore and ached when my top leg hung down while sleeping on my side. I am sure this run contributed to my tiredness this weekend, too! For the first time, I experience chafing along my bra line. My sister experiences this often, but I have not been affected by it until my 20K. I may need to get BodyGlide before my half marathon so that this does not happen again during my race.

By the way, my sister looks" like a runner now, as in she has a runner's body. We were discussing it this trip, too. She feels better about herself than ever and attributes he new running times and shape to a great program she has been following for setting a new PR for a half marathon (she has two accomplished already). She has been running since March 2009 so it goes to show that it takes 3 cycles of six months to change your frame (I am referring to a learning I read from Kathrine Switzer's book - it takes 2 weeks to change your cardio, 3 months to change your muscles, and six months to change your "skeletal" frame (ligaments, etc.)). It encourages me to keep going with this, to keep persevering. She looks and feels great, and I hope she kicks ass at her half marathon, the Goodlife Fitness one in Toronto. :) :) :)

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