Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Day Before ...

I am just getting ready for the trip and we will be leaving in a few hours ... I walked the dogs rather than going for a short run. I woke up with a migraine and feeling a little nauseated this morning, which started upsetting me until I got to thinking, "who cares?" if I feel crappy today ... as long as I feel rested and great tomorrow! But it is still a little disconcerting to wake up the day before feeling so crappy. The tylenol pills I took have helped the headache and after several hours and several glasses of water, I am feeling better, but as I type, my stomach is in roller coaster mode ....

I have homemade mac and cheese ready to heat up for lunch. My sister told me that she read in one of her running books that it is better to load up on carbs at LUNCH the day before than the much-hyped carb-loading dinner. I am doing both! Although I am giving serious consideration to reducing the gluten in my current diet, I am not making any major changes until after tomorrow. Until then, yummy cheesy pasta for lunch and pasta again tonight at dinner! Niagara Falls has a Ruby Tuesday's, Ben's favourite restaurant whenever we cross the border to shop in Michigan, so we will take advantage of being close to one tonight after picking up my bib at the Health Expo. After dinner, we will retire early to the hotel room in an effort for me to get as much rest as possible.

I did not mention this earlier because it is not "running related," but we had a scare with Ben last week falling into a pit at work and fracturing his ribs. Considering how close he came to seriously injuring himself or worse, we are very very very very lucky. This is the reason why he did not come to the Pinery last weekend for my 10K - he is very sore and finding it difficult to sleep and to move around. He is better and will make the journey to the Niagara Falls, but walking around the Expo will not be do-able for him, and he will not be driving around Niagara Falls along the HM route to try to cheer me on at different points. Instead, I will take the bus by myself to the starting line and Ben will see me off at the bus pick-up before heading back to the hotel to soak in the hot tub for his sore ribs. This will help him kill time for 3+ hours before meeting me at the finish line to cheer me on. :)

By the way, here is PROOF that I am registered - Bib #2519:

I have also given permission to update my run to my Facebook page so my sister and Mom can follow my progress tomorrow. My sister was shocked to receive a phone call from a fellow running friend last weekend, congratulating her on her time and PR. Karen had no idea how her friend knew this information, but then learned that this friend was using a site like this to track her. Incidentally, Karen's timing chip was attached to her bib - I have read about these in Running World (new this year), but will instead be getting a commemorative disposal chip "new this year."

I had a good long chat with Karen again yesterday all about setting the right goals for the run tomorrow and keeping positive. I promised her I would not get all bent out of shape if the weather turns out to be foul or windy. She encountered wind in a section during her HM last weekend and she said it really affected her pace. I suspect that there will be wind along the Niagara River Parkway tomorrow and it's just a matter of luck with the weather if it turns into a head wind or not. Achieving 2:30ish will be great, but it is not the #1 priority.

The weather in Niagara Falls according to

Saturday afternoon - 15 degrees C with a W 20km/h wind
Saturday evening - 13 degrees C with a S 10km/h wind (close to 1 mm rain)
Sunday morning - 11 degrees C with SW 20 km/h

I have my special "Niagara Falls" music ready, too. My little iPod Shuffle has a playlist especially for the event with energizing music for 10 minutes, followed by a 1 minute lullaby to remind me to walk, for a total of 2 hours 40 minutes. If I am hearing Madonna's, "Celebration" as I am crossing the finish line, I will be in good shape! :)

I must go now. I hope to have an update once I arrive home tomorrow night. It depends on how stiff I am! :) :)

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