Thursday, October 28, 2010

6K instead of Scheduled 10K, But Still Felt Good!

6K - 43:36
Pace 7:16 min/km

As I am learning through experience, my "rest" schedule for this week immediately following the half marathon was a little too ambitious! I knew yesterday that today's 10K was probably a little too much. As it turns out, my pace was actually pretty good and much faster than I expected, so this pleased me, but by the time I reached 5 1/2 K, I pretty much knew that 6K was the best that I could do today. I'm definitely okay with it because my pace was good for me and I felt strong. I am changing my schedule for the rest of the week by resting tomorrow instead of running a 6.5K, and I will head out Saturday for a short run before my last 10K of the London Honda Series, the Halloween Haunting, on Sunday.

It was a year ago that I trained for and ran my first 10K so the run this Sunday means more to me than all the other 10K runs I have been in this past summer. I truly appreciate the moments when I can stop and take stock - "this" is where I was at last year at this time and now "this" is where I am at a year later ...

I have a few toes on my left foot that are a little tender. They were bruised by running into the toe of my shoe during the half marathon. The one toe nail is slightly discoloured, a darker shade of skin tone rather than black. I was reading in Runner's World that it is a badge of honour to have a blackened toe nails from endurance races and since the tenderness is not enough to prevent me from running, I'll assign badge of honour status to it! :)

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