Thursday, October 7, 2010

Enjoyable 6K

Pace 7:22 min/km

Gorgeous cooler morning for running today. I started out slowly and it took awhile to get warmed up and running a faster pace. If anything, I am pleased with my pace because the first few K were much slower than that so it shows how much I improved! Wallace came with me today and he did great; he is a wonderful running partner. :) I enjoyed my music and the autumn colours while daydreaming about my half marathon that is coming up SOONER than later! :)

On a side note, I chose a wall in the house to put up all my running bibs and it makes for an impressive sight! :) The only one I kept out of the group was my half marathon bib from Vancouver. I put it up on the side wall because I would like to get it framed. I will be looking at frames at the Niagara Falls health expo, too, as I intend to frame my bib and medal from this event. I have also started "penning" in confirmed runs and "pencilling" in approximate run dates for 2011. :) :) :)

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