Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Scheduled 6K actually a Sluggish 5K - LOL!

5K 38:54
Pace 7:46 min/km

Oy! I was so slow getting out the door today - I just about cancelled the run for the day because I am feeling tired, but I knew I would feel worse later for not running. It was a gorgeous sunny and warm day; after all the rain and wind we had last night, it was hard to believe! I took all three dogs with me and headed over to the cemetery for an easy run. I can honestly admit that I just wanted to quit the entire time I ran! When I was finishing my 2nd K, I thought, okay - 1 more K and that's it! Only a 3K today. However, I felt a brief moment of strong running on the 3rd K and decided I would try my best to run 5K. So hey - I'm pleased that I actually motivated myself enough to run today. We'll see how it goes tomorrow. I have a 10K scheduled, but honestly, if I still feel like I did today, I doubt that will happen! :(

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