Tuesday, October 12, 2010

7K with 3 Dogs ...

Pace 7:24 min/km

So it is truly a fact that I feel the effects of a long run TWO days later. I think it is best if I go for a short easy run the day after a long run, knowing that it will be the following day when I am TOAST and in great need of a rest day!

And this morning, I was dragging and it got later and later ... and later. I was thinking it was "too late" to go for a run, reprimanded myself for my laziness, and forced myself out there. I am very pleased that I did because, similar to Saturday when I did my 20K, it was a perfect weather day and a perfect scenery day and I took all 3 dogs with me who behaved wonderfully. My pace was pretty good for a hilly cemetery where I did my run. It's the kind of day when I think, "I was not going to get out today? That's just crazy and I am soooooo glad I got out today!" :) :)

Another note: on a consistent basis, I start running faster after warming up with 2-3K. I completely understand now why experienced runners warm up by running before a race, particularly shorter races (5K & 8K), so that by the time they start, they are warmed up to where they can run at their peak pace. I do not feel confident in my ability to do this just yet, but maybe next year, I will try doing this at 5K races to see if it works for me.

Less than two weeks until my half marathon !!!!! :) :)

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