Saturday, October 30, 2010

3.5K Easy with NO Garmin!

Pace - Not.A.Clue! :)

I don't ever recall going for an easy run without my Garmin, without checking my pace, and with the intention of running as far as Starbucks for a "no room" Americano! :) Very enjoyable. Great weather - coolish - 6 degrees C - with a bit of wind. My pace was slow and sluggish-feeling - oh well!

I wore my black running thermal shirt under a s/s tech shirt and it was a little too warm by the end of my run for it so I won't be using it tomorrow. I am undecided if I will try wearing a s/s shirt under another s/s shirt for warmth tomorrow or a l/s tech shirt. It probably depends on how chilly the breeze/wind is tomorrow. I also wore my running pants; I will probably stick with these tomorrow. I am a little more obsessed with this after screwing this up at the NFIM HM.

I am off shortly to pick up my race kit for tomorrow; it takes ~40 minutes to walk to the running store from my place and I have dogs that need to be walked so I am combining the two.

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