Wednesday, October 13, 2010

8K with 3 doggies ...

Pace 7:55 min/km

Sorry to repeat myself, but great weather ... great scenery ... great running partners! I really really really get it now why runners love autumn best for running. After a brutal summer of humidity and high temperatures to run in this summer (I kept saying, if I was learning to run this summer like I was last year at this time, I would have quit running by now!!!), it is so wonderful to have the cooler (but not cold) temperatures while the sun is shining (but not too brightly). The autumn season here is in full swing and gorgeous, and my dogs are so well behaved while running - taking them out individually and training them has made it possible for me to run with all three of them so that the FOUR of us get ~1 hour of exercise together. :)

I returned to the cemetery again because it is the safest place to take them running without other people and cars. The occasional child was walking through on the way to school and several cars do drive through (usually older people visiting plots of loved ones) so it is not without life, but it is better than running on the Thames Valley river trail with all the other runners and cyclists and dog-walkers when I am taking all three out together. I should explain that this cemetery looks like a park and is looked after beautifully by grounds staff who keep it looking like a gorgeous park. Plenty of people use it for walking so when I mention running there, it is not a dark, creepy Buffy the Vampire Slyer-type of cemetery. It literally is like going to the local park.

I also made sure that I did NOT look at my Garmin! I have been focusing on my pace of later, trying to keep it in the right zone, but today I wanted a nice easy run, and felt that I could do this without feeling the pressure of running at a faster pace.

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