Wednesday, October 20, 2010

10K ... 3 days until the half marathon ...

Pace 7:29 min/km

My dogs, Kim and Wallace, ran with me today. We headed out toward Springbank Park and back for the first time in over a week. After a very sluggish start, I finally warmed up and started running at a decent pace. A non-descript run, but nevertheless, very satisfying (it was hours ago, but as I type, I am still feeling the runner's high :)).

While I was running, I got to thinking about my progress. Today's run was my second 10K this week and I thought about how challenging it has been for me to get to this point. It was good to take some time to truly appreciate how far I have come. At this time last year, I was still struggling to run a 10K without taking walk breaks - my first 10K race was actually the first time I ran a 10K without stopping, and that was due to the adrenaline! Since I started running again this past March after the snow cleared, I have run FOUR 10K races this year, and in a few weeks, I will "end" my race season with my FIFTH 10K. In fact, depending on how I am feeling the week following my half marathon, I may be on track for cracking 1:10 "officially" at the Halloween run. :) Very cool! I felt so unprepared for that 10K in Embro on July 1st ...

However, I still have that mindset that 10K is a long run! Whenever I see 10K on the schedule, I still feel slightly overwhelmed by it. This is another reason why I think I personally need to work on this aspect, by focusing on improving my pace in a 10K before progressing forward toward more half marathons and eventually, a marathon. I also have to be realistic about training during the winter time when it's predicted that the upcoming winter will be a hard, long one. :(

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