Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sluggish 6K ... 2 days 11 hours 39 minutes ...

Pace 7:31 min/km

I am very surprised to see my average pace for this run because, for most of it, it felt sluggish and slow and crappy! :( If it wasn't for all the reading I have done lately on how runs the week before a "big" race are often slow and sluggish due to tapering, I would be feeling a little freaked out by now! Instead, I am feeling good about it, acknowledging that this is natural and not a reflection on how I will do on Sunday.

I should point out that today was another lovely sunny autumn day (it poured last night) and although it was cooler, it was still a great day to be out running. I wished that my running felt energetic to match the day; instead, the sluggishness was similar to a hot and humid day run. :( I truly hope the snow stays away until Christmas so that I can continue running outside as the temperature drops. :)

Kim and Wallace ran with me again (Angus is with Ben out of town on a special hunting trip). There were multiple "poop & scoop" stops today for some reason so I am glad I did not have a pace goal today.

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