Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Week 4/17 HM Training - 5K (Not 10K or 12K!)

This post is several days late. My mother is staying with us for a week+ after her nephew's wedding last weekend, and we have been busy busy busy together, in partnership with an out-of-province aunt/sister (also here for the wedding). I have been chauffeuring them everywhere to visit other relatives, etc. This was unexpected for me so my apologies for "dropping off the map" suddenly without warning. :( I am just getting caught up on my blog now ...

It's not often that this has happened to me this year, as anyone who checks in on this blog regularly can attest to, but today I cut my run short midway.

My morning started very early as usual, and it was a gorgeous, cooler morning. I was excited - woo hoo! How great is this after yesterday? My schedule calls for me to run 10K today, and for the first time, this is the week that I am required to add 6 striders to my run. When I felt the 13 degree Celsius weather out on my deck, I was excited about potentially making up for yesterday's swelter-fest run with a 12K today ...

But my mom got up early on this morning, too, and my usual quick cup coffee before I head out for my early run turned into a coffee house chat session. The next thing I knew, time had flown by, the temperature outside had already increased by more than 10 degrees :( , and I was under a time crunch because we were heading to St. Catharines for the day to visit cousins who weren't at the wedding.

So I ran 5K. This is the first 5K training run I have done since ... March? And it broke my heart a little to be running such a short distance when I am in my mileage build-up phase. Maybe it was just as well because I have a 5K race this Friday night and 'ideally' I should be tapering before a race. I hadn't originally planned to taper because this upcoming race is for fun, but I also didn't expect my schedule to be so wonky this week so I just need to go with the flow and not get so worked up over my training schedule.

And at least I got "a" run in. :)

I skipped "Rock Bottom" last night because it was just too interruptive after a day of running around to then turn around and head to the gym in the evening. I also missed Kundalini yoga this evening (Wed) because we did not return home from our distance visit until late.

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