Thursday, July 7, 2011

Week 3/17 HM Training - Run #3 12K

I am so pooped! :(

Todays' run was another 12K. This week is turning into another personal milestone week in that I have never run two 12K runs before in a week. Last year, 12K was my LSD, and when I checked my running record, it was on July 17th - 12K @ 1:36:11 (8:01/km). Although I did not blog about it at the time (I was haphazardly using my blog for run-recording at the time), memory serves me well. I recall that it was my last LSD which I could run from beginning to end without stopping. Once I hit 13K, my runs started to fall apart and I needed to employ the 10:1 run/walk method in order to stay on track with my preparation/training for my goal half marathon.

The reason I am recalling this all now is because I need the reminder. This morning, I ran for 12K with Angus and Wallace, and it was a very nice, steady-paced run in the heat before the humidity really set in. I also ran up Riverside Hill slowly, but successfully. I took a closer look at it on my Garmin player and realized that this hill is not .5 km, as I posted a few weeks ago, but just under 1 km. It also inclines 26m from the lights to the top. I also had two, ass-whipping workouts at the fitness club earlier in the week, which had me crying, "uncle!"

It's important for me to note all this because I was disappointed with my pace when I downloaded it, but over the course of the day, I realized how unfair I was being to myself. In this heat, most runners' paces decrease ... this isn't a deterioration in my running. I also included a significant hill in both of my 12K runs, one that I have avoided heading UP since returning to running in 2009. And then to top this all off, I did this twice ... in one week ... almost a year after hardly being able to do it all. So yes, I consider myself reprimanded and smacked upside the head for not putting this into proper perspective. :)

I forgot to mention on Tuesday a nice little exchange with a fellow runner ... I was looping with the dogs around Storybook Gardens when I smiled in greeting to a couple of ladies running together. The one woman actually slowed down, and exclaimed to me, "How much are you running?!?!" I'm "assuming" she saw me on one side of the park and then was surprised to see me again (with a dog on either side of me, I am quite noticeable!). :) I laughed and called out, "I'm doing 12K today!" I am mentioning it here for two reasons: first, I was flattered that someone had actually noticed! Her positive tone made me feel good; and second, I saw the same two runners again today. They greeted me with enthusiastic waves and "Good morning!"s as I ran by them. I really value small, but significant gestures like this so much. :) :)

In closing this post, I should explain my opening line and the accompanying cartoon ... I was planning to go to the gym this evening for a "Innovative Interval" class because I skipped the "Body Sculpt" class yesterday. However, just before the dinner hour, I started nodding off like nobody's business! Similar to a wave of nausea, I was hit by a wave of exhaustion - I just could not keep my eyes open! I had to go to bed for a power nap, and Ben ended up ordering delivery for us for dinner because he, too, was exhausted after his long day. My training book warns about this ... how the increase in mileage exhausts runners and how napping should become a common ritual on the weekends, especially after a long run. After needing to sleep in last Sunday, and then falling asleep on my feet today, I get it I get it I get it!

Rest day tomorrow (woo hoo!) and then 16K on Saturday morning. Once again, this weekend I am switching my scheduled Saturday 8K with my Sunday LSD because we have a wedding in Ancaster, Ontario to attend. This involves an hour+ drive one way for us. Better to be safe than sorry ... and it worked last weekend for me so it's best to repeat it this weekend. :)

Food Rule #6 will be posted tomorrow. There are 64 Food Rules (!!!) so this series will be posted for months and months !!

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  1. I is all in the perspective and it is good that you took the time to do this. All runners, including myself, are guilty of the exact same thing.

    Excellent quality runs the will be great going forward. Nice to when other runners notice you.

    Another amazing week keep it going and injury free.