Thursday, June 16, 2011

Token Week Off from Official Training - 6.5K

6.56 @46:02
Avg. Pace 7:05/km

A nice easy run. Half the run was sub-7:00/km and half was in the 7:00/km zone. This is good! It shows that I truly kept it easy today. Wallace and Angus ran with me. It was a nice running group session. :)

This is my last run before I participate in an evening 8K race on Saturday night.

I didn't have my blog then so there is no post about last year's race to link, but there are a few memories about this race to share ...

1. I ran the first km way too fast. I got caught up in the speed atmosphere of being on a track in TD Waterhouse Stadium at the university so I ended up running around the track waaaaay faster than intended with all the other runners. I paid the price for the rest of the race, running in the stifling heat and humidity, making it very tough to maintain pace without struggling.

2. There was one runner who made a big impression on me and taught me a valuable lesson. I noticed her before the race because she was dressed a little "kookily" and didn't look like a serious runner at all. She started near the end of the running pack. However, this runner passed me after ~2 km and I had a great view of her as she steadily passed a significant number of people in front of me. She had very consistent pace, she stuck to it, and she did an outstanding job of passing the rest of us who had run out too fast at the beginning or who were struggling in the humidity. I think of her every time I am in 10K and running near the end. I think I channeled her when I ran in the Dairy Capital Run when I steadily passed other eight other runners after starting in last place! :)

3. There was this one runner whom I passed at the 6K mark. Her body language told me that she did not like being passed by me, and we spent the remaining 2K yo-yoing with each other. I was irritated because I was trying my best to maintain a steady (but slow!) running pace whereas she kept burst-running than walking, burst-running then walking, always starting to run again as soon as I passed her while she was in one of her walking phases. I tried to ignore her, but she seriously made my teeth grind! :( I, too, make runners ahead of me my "targets" as well, but I am not overt about it. I took her reaction to me personally. :( As it turns out, she found her last burst of speed and adrenaline at the end, and passed me for good near the finish line.

4. This is the local series in which participating runners collect points within their age group based on their placement in the races.

I earned 18 points in the Really Chilly Road Race 5K for being in 7th place for women in my age group (woo hoo!) and earned ZERO points in the McFarlan Rowland's 5K (didn't even place - bummer!). I looked up last year's results for the Go the Distance 8K, found a runner in my age group in my guess-timated running range, and saw that she placed 16th. This means I have the potential of earning 5 points this Saturday (all things being equal). This event is also a 'double points' event so this could translate into 10 points. All I care about is being in the top 20 as there are no points awarded for 21st and after. No participation points are awarded, but there are extra points available at the end of the series for those who participated in most or all of the races. I am currently #17 out of 38. Prizes are awarded to the top five only. Runners are eligible after running in four events so there is still time for runners to enter the series with this Saturday's race (like I did last year); however, they are ineligible to collect the bonus 10 points for five events or bonus 30 points for six events (which I am aiming for this year). Make sense? Ha!


Kundalini Yoga - awesome session last night. "Taking Care of the Breasts - Working on the Lymph Nodes." Love this style of yoga! :)

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