Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WEEK 1/17 HM Training - Run #2 8K

Another tough run day. :(

I have been reading the posts from other runners on DailyMile and it looks like it's been a tougher week for runs for a lot of people so I'm not alone in having a frustrating week of training.

Angus has been dragging behind by the end of the run so the heat and humidity are getting to him. He is a pure bred American Labrador Retriever, which means he was bred for cold weather/cold water swimming. His down coat under his top coat is no doubt overheating him in this weather. As much as he loves to go, I have to start judging the weather for him ... "whether" he is going with me on a particular run or not because of the humidity.

William Wallace, on the other hand, is part Beagle and part Basenji, an African breed. He freezes in the winter, but summer is his time. That dog can run half marathons in this heat and still be running circles afterward!

So not much to report today. I ran. It was okay. I sweated buckets. I had to walk my last hill. I was glad when it was over. :(

Last night, I ended up skipping my intended "Rock Bottom" class at the gym because we had a neighbour/friend over for dinner. She has been rocked by some bad news so I didn't want her to be alone for the evening.

I did make it to Kundalini Yoga this evening and as always, enjoyed it. Have I ever had a bad class? :) My instructor told me that she can see significant improvement in my flexibility and breathing. I can feel it, too. :) I rarely miss a class unless something comes up. Love it!

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