Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wk13/D2 - Race Ready Track Workout #2

Assignment: 3 X 1 mile @9:39

Workout #1: 1.6K @10:02
Pace 6:15/km

Workout #2: 1.6K @9:42
Pace 6:02/km

Workout #3: Cancelled! :(

Today was a 'tad' bit different than Tuesday. :( First, the weather temperature has dropped dramatically. Two days ago, I was soaked from sweat during my workout; today, I wore my hoodie during my warm-up because it was a little too cool for me in shorts and a T! I am not complaining ... I was happy to see the return of humidity-free weather for running! I am just having a bit of trouble adjusting to the quickness of the extremes ...

Today was my first 'bad' track workout and it had nothing to do with the track. Last night, when I was at yoga, I was very uncomfortable during the whole class when sitting on my butt. My glutes were very tender, a combination of the challenging 2K incline I ran twice on Sunday and a reflection of how hard I have been working physically for the last few days. It has caught up with me! Last night, I found it challenging to find a comfortable sleeping position.

My warm-up today was extremely challenging; my legs were cement and sluggish, and my glutes were making themselves very 'aware' to me. I completed my two workouts as best as I could, but today really was just not my day. :( I am overtired, I have too much on my mind, I am sore and hey, I was due for a bad workout. :) This might prove to be my "best" workout in the sense that it's a wake-up call to watch myself between now and my 5K race so that this doesn't happen again on the day when I want my training to count.

I am taking tomorrow off, I will run 5K on Saturday, and then run my 10K race on Sunday easy. :) I taper next week and then I have my 5K race the following Sunday.

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  1. Are you doing these yourself or with a coach?

    You may find that food and hydration, can effect your mental preparedness and your physical abilities during stressful runs and races. I'd suggest trying out a few food mix plans from different runners (this could take several weeks) and figure out when and what to eat before running and how much water you need.

    Once your body shape and health changes to a different form you may need to go through the exercise again.

    The cement legs are definitely due to chemistry in your muscles. The chemistry can only be changed by flushing with water, adding other chemicals, or applying physical inducements like stretching and massage. Each person is different and behaves differently even from day to day. I would suggest you also experiment with drills and workouts between your running.

    You are making awesome progress and the sky's the limit!

    Good luck on the Donnybrook!