Thursday, June 23, 2011

WEEK 1/17 HM Training - Run #3 10K

Woo hoo! Success! My mojo somewhat came back to me today! :)

I admit that a photo of a person on top of a mountain is perhaps a little excessive ... Riverside Hill is not a mountain by any stretch of the imagination. However, it has been a nemesis hill to me for a very, very long time so my story about it today elicits "top of the mountain celebration" -type feelings!

When I started my run, I had no plans for hill running. I was heading down the hill, as I usually do, on my way to the running paths. The first few km of my run went well - extremely well, when compared to my runs of the last few days - so by the 4km mark, I decided that since my run was comfortably stronger than anticipated, why not try Riverside Hill again? Attempt again what I had not succeeded at on Tuesday?

I ran up the hill behind Storybook Gardens. I was not pleased about needing to walk it Tuesday because I never walk this particular hill. Only ice slows me down on it ... walking up it the other day did not sit well with me at all. I ran up it from beginning to end today, albeit more slowly than usual, but I didn't walk it and I'll take that. :)

It was hot and humid. I was sweating. But it just wasn't as bad as yesterday or the day before so it still felt like some relief while running. My pace is slower than usual, but at least it was steady and I didn't feel too sluggish.

Angus was doing better today, too. :)

My nemesis hill was at the 9km mark today. As I approached the base, I was stopped by a stop light, giving me a slight rest before tackling the hill. I planned to run at least as far as Braemar Cres. - the upper entrance. I established this in my blog post on Tuesday.

By the time I reached this the upper entrance (woo hoo!), my pace was slow and steady, but I wasn't aching or huffing. I decided to aim for the next subdivision entrance. I have made it as far as it before so I felt better about possibly re-establishing this as my next level. Well, as soon as I reached this street, my pace was still steady and I still wasn't dying (woo hoo!) so I decided to just keep chugging up. And voila! 1/2 km of hill later, I actually reached the top. :)

Now, I have to admit, I feel a little stunned. Two days ago, I shared this new goal in a blog post, but I actually thought it was going to several weeks of Tuesday runs before I reached the top without stopping. I can't believe it I did it on the second try and after running 9km beforehand in heat and humidity! Let's throw in yet another woo hoo! to this!

And as a result, I now have to set the bar higher. :) For the rest of my Phase I: Road Work runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I am going to run up this nemesis hill on the way home. Welcome to "Thrill-Hill Tuesdays" and "Thrill-Hill Thursdays" !! :)

That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger?!?! :)

I went to an "Innovative Interval" class this evening. It is similar to what I see personal trainers doing with their clients, but in a fitness class setting with one instructor. Cardio, weights, cardio, weights, cardio, weights ... I was sweaty (again) by the end of it, although I think some credit is due to the warm workout room we were in. It was okay; the regular instructor was not there and I have had her before (thumb's up) whereas I was not as thrilled with the fill-in instructor today. I am thinking about doing this every Thursday as a way to improve upon my core. A double workout on a Thursday, the day before a run rest day on Friday, makes good sense to me. :)

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