Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Slow 6K This Morning

6K - 48:05
Pace 7:58 min/km

Wow! I knew when I was running that my pace felt slower, but I am little surprised to see just how much slower it was this morning. :( Well, the good news is that I didn't walk any of it - I really did maintain this slow pace consistently without walking so I will be positive about it where I can! :) My dog, Kim, ran with me today, and he did well "sauntering" beside me. It was humid, but less humid than previous mornings. I am not sure if I should blame the humidity, or whether I should just say, "it is what it is," be thankful that I got out there, and just keep looking forward.

I was scheduled to run 8K this morning, but since I am supposed to be running three days in a row this week, I decided to switch one of the 6K runs with the 8K. Tomorrow I plan to run my "missed" 8K, and then Thursday, I will run a second 6K as scheduled.

I am sitting here feeling chilly - I haven't changed yet from my run - but it is interesting to see how my body dramatically drops in temperature after I run. I understand now why they distribute mylar blankets to runners immediately following a half or full marathon run. I will need to remember to bring additional layers in the future to my races because I have experienced the same after-chill at these events, too.

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