Sunday, July 11, 2010

My First 11K of 2010

Today I ran 11K for the first time since last year, when I was in training for my first 10K. For the first time since I started running long runs, I needed to walk/run after 9K. I think it was a mistake to run on an empty stomach and later in the morning when it was more humid. I realize now that I can run easily on an empty stomach for 5-8K, but once I get past one hour running time, I have little steam left. I will need to do the bagel/banana thing 1 hour before my long runs, now that I have crossed into the 1 hour+ zone. I also ran out of water. One bottle holder on my running belt is ripped so I can only carry 3 bottles with me. Usually this is enough, but when it is hot and humid, I drink even more than normal.

And heck, walk/running in this heat is not a bad thing - maybe this is a negative effect of running with JJ because she interpreted walking as a "failure," whereas, before I started running with her, I didn't care if I walked for a minute here and there. Clearly, walking must be beneficial because I have watched walk/runners pass me to finish line when I was running at a consistent pace. I just prefer NOT to because I find that, once I start walking, I can only run for a short time before needing to walk again.

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