Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another 5K Under My Belt ...

5K @ 39:53
Avg Pace 7:58 min/km
-4 degrees Celsius

Along with Kim and Wallace, we headed to the cemetery today to run 5K. Yesterday it was cold cold cold with -14 degree Celsius winds. I was out in the woods walking with the dogs and it was not fun when the wind was blowing. I saw this in the forecast which is why I took yesterday off from running, choosing today's wind-free weather instead!

Fortunately, the cemetery's paved roads were ice- and snow-free so it was ideal for running. Although it was in the negative temperature-wise, the lack of wind made it ideal. :) Kim and Wallace were clearly very happy to be out running with me again, too. They were perfect running partners today, staying with me pace-wise even when tempted by other dogs out walking with their owners. :)

Music was key today, too. I do not listen to music as much at home as I do when I run so it was great to listen to some of my running tunes after so long. I know it won't be long before I get bored of it, but for now, 10+ weeks away from these upbeat tunes had me appreciating their effect on me again.

The cemetery is hilly so I am not surprised to see a slower pace, but relieved to see that I was under 8 min/km today at least! I am not huffy and puffy when I am out; if anything, my cardio during the last two runs has been great - it's my legs and feet that are feeling it by the end of the run. If I had not looked at my Garmin, I am sure I could have done another K at least so it will be my goal this week to run 6K, and I plan to keep at 5K minimum.

The weather people are calling for snow tonight. :( I will be playing it be ear to see what my running conditions are like for tomorrow ...

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