Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This is Much More Like It! :) 6K

6K @ 47:11
Avg. Pace 7:44 min/km
0 degrees Celsius

Today I am once again a happy camper! :)

I headed back to Springbank Park again, but parked in a different parking lot so that I could run on a different path. I was keeping my fingers crossed that my run would go well after yesterday's ego-bruising run. I slept very well last night, the gorgeous sun was shining again, and it was much warmer without the wind. I took one dog along with me - Kim, the German Shepherd - because he is the easiest to run with.

However, the first 2K were once again very tough - the path was mainly soft slush and slippery in sections. I started regretting choosing my parking area and thinking that today's run was going to be a repeat of yesterday's. My first 2K:

1K 7:47
2K 8:11

Once again, it was not much fun and frustrating.

But then a small miracle happened! The path became clear - no slush, no soft snow. Kim and I could run decently. I did not bother checking my Garmin for pace, instead choosing to trust myself to run at a comfortable pace. It was so so so nice to finally get into a bit of runner's groove - running without thinking about the running, but letting my mind wander to other things. The park was quiet except for a few other runners and several walkers. There were enough dry pavement spots inbetween snow and slush for everyone to enjoy the day.

My results:
3K 7:25
4K 7:27
5K 7:33
6K 7:28

I am feeling very good about this. My pace is faster than expected after such a long break, and I needed this ego boost! :) The important thing is that it felt good, too. It makes me feel a little more hopeful that it will not take as much time to get back to my previous running ... it still is going to take time, and I am going to err on the side on being conservative in getting to that point, but at least I am at a better level than I was at this time last year.

On a side note, I wore my purple running shoes and there is a distinct difference between them and my new ones. I truly "get" why it is strongly recommended that you have a minimum of two pairs to switch between; it took a sore achilles tendon to make me look at my running shoes. I have already officially retired my wonderful old green ones that got me through 2010, but sadly, the purple ones may only have a few more runs left in them.

I am going to try to run tomorrow if weather permits, but the forecast does not look great. I may need to take the day off tomorrow and try running on Friday instead. But for now, all I care about is my ability to fulfill my goal of running a 5K race this Sunday, and starting a new running schedule next week. Right now I am eyeing the "5K in 30 minutes" plan from my pR book because I can start it now whereas I am no longer at the level that I was at when I started the "10K in 1 hour" plan last November.

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  1. Those results are excellent after such a long time away from running. It is always nice when we runners can just run in that zone and really enjoy ourselves. Keep the joy of running alive and the results will come. 5k in 30 is a great start for yo.