Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Very Tough 4K :(

4K @ 32:00
Avg. Pace 8:01 min/km
-4 degrees Celsius (wind chill -14 degree Celsius)

The good news is that I got out there and ran. This is pretty much the extent of the positives! :( Well, that's not really true. The sun was shining, too!

What a tough run! I aimed for 4K, but was hoping to run another 5K. However, by the 4K mark, I was whipped and had to quit. I went to Springbank Park to run because if there is anywhere "cleaned" for runners, it's the park. Unfortunately, the roads had not been cleared of snow "well" when I went so the running conditions were a little tough. My legs really had quite the workout! The soft layer of snow made it a challenge for me to pick up any speed and I felt at times like I was on an obstacle course or a circuit workout rather than running. I have always found that the first 2K of any run is one of the toughest segments as it is when I getting limbered up and into my running groove. My extra challenge today was that it took soooo long to limber up and warm up; I felt as if I was running awkwardly and even by the 3-4K zones, I still hadn't found my groove. I was dressed well for the weather so this wasn't the problem; however, I just never felt warmed up internally, muscle-wise, if this makes sense. Suffice it to say, I was pleased that I got some sort of run accomplished, but it is not one of those runs that make me say, woo hoo! I love running! :(

I felt good after it was over (a runner's high) so as long as I concentrate on the after-feeling, it was a worthwhile run. :) And hey, I know that after being away from it for 10+ weeks and trying to resume in the dead of winter is not easy so I am trying to stay positive!

I wore my new running shoes as well, the ones Ben purchased for me for Christmas. When I used them earlier in the week, they felt great. Today they felt tight and my feet felt a little numb. I don't think it was the shoes, but the conditions. Everything was just "off" today. :(

Tomorrow's weather looks promising so I am aiming to get out again. Earlier in the week, I planned for a 6K, but after today's run, I am not sure if I can do it. We'll have to see!

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