Friday, February 25, 2011

New Exciting Development ...

This is a very good thing ...

Today, Ben and I joined the Athletic Club. This is a fantastic development for me because I now have access to durable, commercial-grade treadmills for the next year to use whenever the weather is too lousy for running outside ... as in now! I am very excited because it means I can truly commit to starting my "5K in 30 minutes" training schedule without relying on good weather days. I am also looking forward to using the pool (I love swimming!) and the other machines for cross-training purposes, in addition to eventually getting back into yoga. I used to do yoga in Vancouver and loved it, but I have never found a class here in London that kept me interested the same way. With so many variations of yoga classes at this club, I am hoping I can once again find an instructor whom I like or a certain class that works for me.

An added benefit: we discussed with the membership coordinator our needs and I was very pleased to learn that there are personal trainers who are runners and who are available to me for my introductory sessions ... I can gear my weight-training at the gym toward my running, too. Fabulous!

And this is why you have not seen crunches and push-ups posts in the last few days. First, I have not once but twice read about crunches not being the best exercise for your back and your abs. What I read was enough to make me pause and reconsider the challenge. I admit that as a result, I felt unmotivated to do my push-ups, but with Ben asking/wanting me to go to the gym with him after work Mon, Wed, and Fri, it looks like I can re-start this challenge next week and have scheduled time for completing it.

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  1. Outstanding news. Sounds like a good gym. many trainers do not understand runners but from your description you have some who are.

    Crunches are not good for you and I am glad you stopped.