Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Week 1317 HM Training - Run #2 TRACK WORKOUT

1 mile (1.6K) warm-up; 6 X 1 mile @10:31; 1 mile cool-down

1.5K warm-up; #1 @10:16; #2 @10:30; #3 @10:29; #4 @10:35; #5 @ 10:27; #6 cancelled; 2K walk/run cool-down

I am so far behind on my blog, I am jumping in with the most recent work-out, and working my way back. :(

I felt tired, cranky and bloated before my workout. My warm-up did not feel good. :( However, my running improved as the mileage increased. I went too fast with my first workout; it sufficiently tired me out so that by the end of #5, I didn't have the heart or desire to run a final 6th. :(

I know I can do it; I just couldn't do it today. :)

I warmed my left leg muscle with a warmed up bean bag again before my workout; this helped. I could still feel the tightness inside the muscle while I ran, which I find distracting because I am now so paranoid about it seizing up again. :(

I also admit to having a little too much on my mind right now and functioning on less sleep than I need so just getting this done and doing what I could is good enough for me today! :)

I have Kundalini yoga tonight. I am taking tomorrow as a rest day (no easy 5K) and I have another track workout scheduled for Friday.

Happy running, all! :)


    Even though you didn't do the last mile, you still kicked ass!! ALL of these repeats are at your target pace OR FASTER and you are awesome :)

  2. Suza, you rock! Thanks for your kind words, and gosh darn it! You are RIGHT ! :) :) LOL !!!!