Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Race Week Taper - Run #1 10K

How cool is it that a 10K run now feels 'easy' when just two years ago, it was a distance I struggling to work up to as an LSD? :)

After a rest day yesterday, I hit the path with Angus and Wallace for a slow, relaxed run out toward the university and back. It was quieter on the path, more so than usual, and the weather was amazing for it. I actually put on a long sleeved tech shirt with shorts, because it was that much colder this morning. My hairy legs were an advantage by keeping my legs warmer. :) Two days ago the air conditioning was cranked; today, we are closing some windows because the breeze is just a little too cool!

But hey, I am NOT complaining! The conditions were terrific for a run, and it went extremely well for me. It felt fluid, strong and light the entire time (not words I use often to describe a run), and my pace, although consistent, slowly became stronger as the kilometres accumulated, which felt very cool. I was not tired or winded at all by the time I ended my run. A very, very cool feeling! :)

My secret weapon was back with a vengeance today. The fall weather is clearly Angus's forte because his running was strong and fast today. It's been a long time since I have seen my dog's body more in front of me rather than behind; it was great to see how he pushed the pace and ran up inclines with strength today. Wallace ran well, just as he always runs, so my running group was in fine form today. :)

8K tomorrow morning before I take two days off. Sweet! :)


  1. Way to go, and enjoy your days off! I remember 10k feeling easy too, I look forward to those days again!!

  2. Thank you, Katherine. :) Those days are just around the corner for you, too! Your perseverance and patience with your recovery will pay off big time!!!