Sunday, September 25, 2011

Week 13/17 HM Training - Run #4 19K LSD

It turned out to be an awesome week running-wise after all. :)

After last week's imposed rest due to my calf strain /muscle seizure, I was determined to make sure that my Week #13 went according to schedule (while still be 'smart' about my calf). I cancelled last weekend's long run, kept my Monday as a day of rest as regularly scheduled, and then followed my training plan to the "T" this week.

I also admit that I was not looking forward to my 19 km this week. I was feeling nervous about my calf and hoping that this run would not aggravate it. I recognized that my run was supposed to be slow and easy so I intended to keep it this way for the sake of my leg.

Before Wallace and I headed out, I warmed my calf up with a heated bean bag, as I have done all week. It was feeling fine, but I wasn't going to take any chances.

1-4 km = 7:13, 7:18, 7:18, 7:16

There are no stories to tell from today's run ... which is not necessarily a bad thing. :) The weather was perfect for it - cooler, no rain. By the 2 km mark, I was still feeling a little overwhelmed by the 19 km goal so I worked on adjusting my thinking. Instead of concentrating on the full distance, I broke the runs down into familiar landmarks - "run until you reach Labatt's, run until you reach the short, steep hill, run until you see Wellington St.", etc. I also focused on my music, using it as a distraction by concentrating on each song. It worked for me. :) It was a opportunity to listen to the playlist that I created for my Springbank half marathon that I didn't use too much. :)

5-7 km = 7:01, 7:04

8 km = 6:47 :)

9-13 km = 7:05, 7:09, 7:06, 7:05, 7:05, 7:04

14-15 km = 6:57, 6:57 :)

It was a nice, steady, consistent run. While running my 16th km, I could feel myself starting to tire. It came over me in a wave, and I was actually tempted to stop to walk (that's how strong it was). I had expected this - I usually tire at this point during a long run after a full week of training runs/workouts. As much as I wanted to stop, I wanted to achieve 19 km more. :) My pace felt a little more slower and sluggish at this point, but I told myself not to care, and just to keep going. :)

16-17 km = 7:19, 7:20

I also started thinking abut Niagara Falls and how this was good training for the last few km when feeling tired. Did I have it in me to push myself, in spite of feeling tired, and will myself to the end? As you can see by my last 2 kms, this thinking helped me rally:

18-19 km = 7:08, 7:04

So, yes, by the end of this run, I was so pleased! Pleased with the mileage, pleased that I finished it without stopping, and especially pleased that I didn't encounter any issues with my left calf. My right achilles tendon was feeling a little tender (it's the left one I usually have issues with so this just makes me shake my head), but I'm icing it.

Week #13 is over an done with now, peeps! FOUR more weeks! FOUR more weeks! :)


  1. Girl you are SO FAST!
    To get through long runs, it is essential that I not allow my brain to form the idea that I can always cut the run short/quit early. Once I think that, it usually happens.
    So I keep my mind busy... usually podcasts, listening to the radio, people-watching, day-planning...

  2. @Suza - LOL! I think speed is relative, but yes, my speed has picked up and I am feeling good about it. :) And you are smart to divert your attention when you consider cutting a run short - it's evil how the thought, once you think it, can then take over like a skin-eating disease. Hence why they say running is 90% is mental, I think. :)