Saturday, September 10, 2011

Half Marathon Training Continues! Race Week and Beyond (Part II)

"How to Run a Personal Record: Cover the Ground in Front of You Faster Than Ever Before," by Dave Kuehls, p. 143-4.

2. Friday to Saturday Morning: The 24-Hour Countdown

Just like the week before your race is a crucial time to make or break your PR, so is the final 24 hours before the gun - but even more so. During this time any mistake (the wrong food, a brisk run) will be magnified because you have only a few hours to recover from those mistakes.

Therefore, here's a 24-hour countdown to race time that you can follow to keep on the straight and narrow:

24 HOURS OUT: Jog easy for a few miles during the time you will be racing tomorrow.

23 HOURS OUT: Eat a healthy and light breakfast.

22 HOURS OUT: Spend a good chunk of the morning reading the newspaper or a novel.

19 HOURS OUT: Have a carbohydrate-rich lunch. For many, it is better to get your carbs at lunch than during the evening. This lessens the chance of waking up bloated on race morning.

18 HOURS OUT: Nap time.

16 HOURS OUT: Arrange your race gear for tomorrow. Lay out your shorts, shirt, socks. shoes race bib, pins, chip, hat, and anything else you might be wearing for your race.

14 HOURS OUT: Have a healthy and light dinner.

12 HOURS OUT: Watch TV or a DVD. Caution: an action movie or thriller might not be a good bet at this time since it can hype you up and keep you from getting to sleep.

10 HOURS OUT: It might be fitful since you have so much on the line in the morning. but stay in bed and relax. (Also, the previous night's sleep is often designated as your real sleep night before your race. By why focus on just one night? Aim to get a good night's sleep each night during Race Week.)

3 HOURS OUT: Wake. Shower. Breakfast, if needed.

1 HOUR OUT: Arrive at the race. Warm up with light jogging, some stretching and a few striders.

15 MINUTES OUT: Find a spot behind the starting line. Put your watch in stopwatch mode.

10 MINUTES OUT: Go over race strategy.

1 MINUTE OUT: Take deep breaths and shake out your arms.


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