Friday, September 23, 2011

Week 13/17 HM Training - Run #3 TRACK WORKOUT

It feel very, very good to have a great track workout. :)

1 mile warm-up; 3 x 2 miles @21:22 (6:38 pace); 1 mile cool-down

1.6 km (1 mile) warm-up; #1 @20:50; #2 @20:20; #3 @21:03

An early morning morning workout in the rain at the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School track. It was great to have the campus to myself and watching the trickle of teachers/staff arriving before their TGIF day. :)

I ran the first workout the "right" way on track. I have to admit that I 'like', not 'love', track workouts these days. They were short and sweet and fun when I did them for my sub-30 5K sessions. I shouldn't be surprised that the track workouts for a half marathon are that much longer ... but I am! LOL! Running around a track for such a longer period of time has lost a bit of its charm as a result. :)

But I get it. For someone who usually is quite laidback when it comes to speed and pushing herself during regular workouts, I am surprisingly 'serious' and 'dedicated' when told to go workout at the track. As you can see from the results above, I will run the pace when assigned. :)

I am actually a little disappointed in my second workout, the one that I ran a full 1:02 minute faster than planned. I could not stop myself from running faster, I tried to control my legs, but I kept seeing 6:10 or 6:18 as my pace. If I were training for a shorter distance, this would be too 'slow', but I know that I can't keep this pace up for a half marathon ... at this time. I need to feel comfortable at a slightly slower pace if I am going to maintain this for a full 21 km+ distance. I don't want to be the runner who looks back at her half marathon with a "fantastic 12 km" in the middle before struggling with a run/walk pace at the end after burning herself out.

I ran most of these workouts in drizzle. It rained during my last few laps around the track in my last workout so that made me feel badass. :)

And hey! NO CALF PROBLEMS !! :) It felt a little tight, but it didn't tighten more while running. A good sign. :)


There are quite a few new classes offered at the gym now that it is September. I plan to take advantage of them after my half marathon. :) I went to Kundalini yoga on Wednesday and again tonight (Friday). We are working on the immune system, and it's just what I need because this means working the shoulders/shoulder blade area. This part of my body has been quite tight lately, but the yoga this week alleviated this clenched area substantially. :)

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