Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week 13/17 HM Training - Run #1 11.5K

My fastest training run at this distance to date. :) And it started out as one of those typical runs that doesn't feel great at the start, but then turns into something very good. :)

William Wallace and Angus joined me and they were extremely happy to be running again! They get excited every time they see me change into running clothes; they have figured out my routine (smart, smart pooches!).

I googled images for the word, fresh, hence the pics of a lemon and of a clear drop on a bright, green leaf. After last week's dramatic drop in mileage in an effort to heal my muscle cramp, I am bidding 'adios' to my dismal Week #12 of training, and starting training FRESH with Week #13.

I headed to Springbank Park for my run and was surprised to find that a lot of the paths have been repaved during the last week. It was sweet to have newly paved paths to run on, and kudos to the workmen - they accomplished a lot in the time after my half marathon and my run today. :) I guess it wasn't a bad week for decreased mileage after all because I missed all the construction work.

My leg was fine. I tried something different before heading out - I heated a bean bag and applied the heat directly to the cramp in an effort to release the clenched feeling. I spent last week R.I.C.E.ing it, but I wonder now in hindsight if this default method was wrong for me to be using. I am quite confident I do not have a tear; it does not hurt. The muscle is just very, very tight. I could still feel the tightness as I ran, and I was paranoid about it clenching up again (!), but the run still went well. :)

And my run included my nemesis hill, too, which I now can run up without stopping all the time now. :)

We'll have to play it by ear. I have a track workout again tomorrow, and the added speed may be a test as to how well the calf is doing.

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