Friday, September 30, 2011

Week 14/17 HM Training - Run #3 7K instead of 16K

So much for a 16K LSD today - LOL!

My intentions were good. I was up at the crack of dawn with the intention of getting my LSD for the week done today. I left Angus at home because this distance is too far for him, but William Wallace came with me.

It started slowly and it didn't feel good. I really was running much, much slower than I usually do, even when it's hot and humid. As usual, I gave myself until the 2-3 km mark to 'judge' what this run was going to be like because I need this mileage to warm-up properly. However, by the 5K mark, I was still running very slow and sluggishly, and I knew right then and there that it wasn't mental, but truly physical - it was just not an ideal day for me to run this distance - period. I knew I was running slow because Wallace kept looking up at me inquisitively, as if to say, "What's the deal with this slow speed?" The first turn-off point to head home from the running path was at the 7K mark so I ran until this mark, stopped, and called it a day.

It is what it is! No regrets. No beating myself up about it. Just acceptance, calling it a day, and moving forward. :) I am relieved that I didn't keep to the schedule with a speed workout today after all because there is no way that would have worked out this morning after all!

Rest day tomorrow (no 5K). 10K race on Sunday. TGIF and have a good running weekend! :)


  1. A wise decision indeed. It would not have accomplished one thing to have continued and you may have even hurt yourself in the process.

    It is what it is and you did well giving it the old college try. You enjoy the rest and you will be strong for the 10K Sunday.

  2. Good luck on Sunday - you will be awesome. The shirt is hilarious!

  3. Glad you called it a day. haha it's so cute your dog could tell you were running slower than normal! :)

    Best of luck this weekend. I too have a 'race' on Sunday! :D

  4. @Runnerbill - Thank you for saying so. There was the will and even the initial patience, but I did sense that things could get worse if I forced myself to keep going. I hope it does pay off for Sunday! :)

  5. @Courtney - thanks for the good luck wishes! The race was one of my favourites last year so I am looking forward to it this weekend. :) And I wish I could find that shirt to buy! :)

  6. @Suza - I really wasn't making that up about Wallace - it was very funny to see him look up me inquisitively and I took this as a sign, too. If the dog senses something's off, than it really IS off!