Saturday, October 1, 2011

Race Prediction - Festival City Run 10K

Here we go again. :)

My race prediction for tomorrow should be 'predictable' because I outlined earlier this week in another post as to what I should be doing in order to make up for my speed workout.

Scheduled speed workout for Friday:
3 X 2 miles @21:22.

Using the pace calculator from Cool Running, this is works out to be a 6:38/km pace, and when the distance is changed, it means I should be running this 10K in 1:06:23.

My current PR for the 10K was established at the Ingersoll Harvest Run - 1:06:04.

My actual goal, factoring in all of this? 1:05:00

"5" is my favourite number so seeing it for the first time in a 10K race would be awesome. :) And aiming for a pace of 6:30/km is an easier number than 6:38. :) I also had very good luck at this race last year, both in fun/scenery and in PRing,

I do have one concern. I still feel slight tightness in my left calf, and it's in the back of my head that it might act up again, the way it did at the Springbank Half Marathon. This is just something I have to deal with mentally and to be prepared for in case it actually manifests physically.

In closing, I promised Suza @More to Life Than This that I would post a cartoon for her in this post. She is organizing a 5 hour run with her room-mates this weekend, weather permitting, complete with a designated 2 mile route and planned snacks! :)


  1. Hehe :) AWESOME!!

    Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day! I hope, hope, hope your calf behaves and you PR tomorrow!!! I know you can :)

  2. @Suza - Good luck with your 5 hour room-mate challenge! And thank you for the good race wishes. I am looking forward to today. :)