Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Problems with the Computer ... :(

CRAZY how dependent I have become on a computer!

Well, folks, I am behind on yet another race post because my computer died on me. :( I am quickly typing this using someone else's computer. :( Ben and I share an iMac and for the first time, it's stuck on the grey apple when it starts. I am spending all my free time trying to figure it out on my own so I don't waste money hiring somebody to fix something that I am able to do myself.

So! Until I am back in action ...

#1 - I PR'ed! 1:04:41
I am VERY, VERY pleased with this because I had energy to burn at the end.

#2 - I hurt my left calf again. :(
At the 8K mark, just after realizing I could kick my pace up for the last section to see how I could do, and while waving at some volunteers and thanking them for being there, I felt a large piece of gravel smack me in the back of my left calf. I actually looked to the left and over my shoulder to see who might have accidentally kicked this at me. After several more strides, I realized that it wasn't a piece of gravel that hit me, but something inside my muscle. It was a weird struggle for me for the last 2 km to slow down and nurse it so that it wouldn't completely stiffen and seize up the way it did on me during my Springbank half marathon, but it was hard to slow down after really hitting my stride. :(

More details to come, but two days later, I am not in pain nor am I limping; however, I can feel it, I am icing it, and I cancelled my 11.km today to give it more rest.

Hope to catch up sooner than later! I hope YOU had a good run for me today. :)


  1. Oh no!!!! Please do everything you can to keep off that leg - ICE, REST and massage it!! You have to heal asap and kick ass at your next race! I'm counting on you! :)

  2. Congrats on the race! Sorry about your calf. Smart to take care of it before you train again. Can't wait to hear more about the race!