Thursday, September 15, 2011

Week 12/17 HM Training - Run #1 6.5K

It felt very good to get back at it again today. :)

I gave my leg three days off from running. I was also very tired on Monday and Tuesday after the half marathon so I wasn't exactly itching to run. I have been icing my calf and I feel improvement (less tightening), but I am feeling a little concerned that this hasn't completely dissipated by this point.

Angus, Wallace and I headed out for 4 miles/6.5 km. I was scheduled to do 11.5 km on Tuesday, and my first speed workout yesterday, but because there is still such tightness in my calf, I decided to forgo the speed workout, but to make up for the first initial run by lowering the mileage to see how I do first.

It was a wise decision. I felt a little paranoid about my leg while running and paid a great deal to attention to how it was reacting during my run, but I encountered no issues. If anything, this distracted me from paying attention to my speed. Without intending to, I ended up with my fastest 6.5 km training run to date. :) I have always noticed how much faster I run after a race on the weekend. The proof?:

4 km - 6:38/km
5 km - 6:46/km
6 km - 6:37/km

I never run this speedy of a pace during a regular run. :)

I will rest again tomorrow and probably attempt my first speed workout on Saturday.

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