Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Week 14/17 HM Training - Run #2 TRACK WORKOUT

Scheduled Workout:
1 mile warm-up, 6 x 1 mile @10:31, 1 mile cool-down

Actual Workout:
1.6 km, #1 @10:30, #2 @10:28, #3 @10:25, #4 @10:08, #5 @10:15, #6 @10:43, 1.6 km

Before I start blogging about today's run, I just want to say that it was really worth it for me to read my post from one year ago, on Wednesday, Sept. 29th, titled "12K !!!!!!! I am thrilled !!!!" ... If I needed a reminder as to how far I have come with my running in one year, this is a good example. :) One year ago, I am posting excitedly about running 12K 'without walking breaks', and one year later, I am running ~13 km in a speed workout, running at a pace >1 minute faster. :) Very cool. :)

I checked the weather channel when I woke up this morning, and it assured me that it was going to be a clear day ... I'm just pointing this out because I ended up running for several miles in drizzling rain! It didn't impede my run, and it never became all out, heavier rain, but my faith in The Weather Channel's accuracy is shaken - LOL!

The first three miles (5K) went very, very well: 10:30 (6:31/km), 10:28 (6:30/km), 10:25 (6:28/km)
I like that these miles are within seconds of goal time. I worked hard at finding the correct pace and then at maintaining it - it paid off.

The next 2 miles (3K) were too fast: 10:08 (6:18/km), 10:15 (6:22/km)
I have decided to look at this both ways - I can say, woo hoo! Look at how much faster I run after ~ 7 km (I've noticed this consistently in most of my runs - my speed increases after 7 km). However, I recognize that today's workout is about teaching me to maintain consistent pace, to control myself that I can run 21.1 km successfully and steadily from the start to the end. Within this context, it is evident that I need more practice!

The final mile was too slow: 10:43 (6:40/km)

I am not kidding when I write that I have trouble resuming running after stopping. I took a little extra time between the 5th and 6th miles to get a drink, and as soon as I started my last mile, I could feel right away that it was going to be a struggle. :( I had to coach myself not to quit because this last mile was no fun at all. :( Needless to say, my cool-down 1.6 km was more walking than running.

I was out on the track early before school started so it was interesting to watch as the football team emptied out of the school onto a school bus in full uniform. This explains my Friday Night Lights theme with today's blog images. I wanted to yell out, "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!" to them, but I doubted any of them would get it. It just so happens that I recently downloaded the final season of FNL and that Ben and I are watching a few episodes every night before bed so this is fresh in my head. :)


Kundalini yoga tonight. :) The new schedule is in full swing and I want to check a few more classes out. October is my racing month and I am focused on my four races. Once my season for 2011 officially ends, I hope to make more use of the fitness classes available.


  1. That last mile was only 15 SECONDS off your time goal, which is almost nothing, as it averages out, right? :) Sounds like a kick-ass speed run to me :)

    Our school gym has alot of cool classes too, and they're quite cheap, about $10/month. However, I am TERRIFIED of starting one, because I've never done one before and I'm scared of looking silly, haha.

  2. @Suza - Leave it up to you to give me some better perspective on it. Thanks! The one thing I can tell you about the classes is that EVERYONE ELSE feels the same way you do, hence why you see so many women arrive early and set up near the BACK of the room. Honestly, everyone else is so into themselves feeling self-conscious, they can't focus on what you are doing! I would LOVE to be able to do classes for $10/month - being a student ROCKS for discounts!