Tuesday, August 30, 2011

WEEK 11/17 HM Training - Run#1 11.5K

I had a great run this morning. :)

Angus, Wallace and I headed toward Springbank Bank/Storybook Gardens and back. The weather was great for it; coolish and a little grey, which is why Angus could come along with no over-heating issues.

Unfortunately, I do not have accurate results from this run because my Garmin acted up. :( At the 6K mark, a large pop-up window covered my other displays, warning me that my "Lap Database was Full" and to press "Enter," but the window kept reappearing after I kept pressing "Enter." I could see data still being recorded in my regular displays so I just kept going until I reached my goal distance. However, when I downloaded my Garmin, it showed that I had only run 6 km instead of 11.5 km and the splits I was interested in seeing weren't recorded. :( Fortunately, the data I saw on the display screen 'under' the warning window was accurate so I know that this was my best 11.5K training run to date, but it's odd how the info that I saw on the screen was not recorded. I have since cleared my Garmin's history, but I know that I have mucked something up on my Garmin when playing with the lap option last week during my hill workout as a method for counting hill repeats (it didn't work).

I have to laugh at myself a little. Last week, I had a great hill workout (10 successive repeats) and I joked about the dogs putting something in my morning coffee. Today when I was running, I remembered that last week I cancelled this usual Tuesday, first run of the week, and hence why my hill workout had been so good - I had more rest before I did it. After being more speedy today, I think my hill workout tomorrow with 12 repeats is going to be much tougher! But woo hoo! It's the last one I have to do during this training cycle! :)

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