Sunday, August 14, 2011

Week 8/17 HM Training - Run #5 8K & Another Milestone :)! :)

This morning, my sister and BIL headed out for their 25.7 km/16 mile run (one of the main reasons why I ran my LSD yesterday). I stayed home with Mom and their kids. :) I was still feeling tired and groggy after waking up so it was a good excuse not to run. :) When they took off for the afternoon with the kids, I was able to spend some quality 1-1 time with my mother so I had yet another good excuse not to run.

However, to my surprise, I was hankering to go for a run for most of the day, even after missing my typical early morning running zone. I was still feeling jazzed after yesterday's successful LSD, and I was pleased with how well my entire training week had gone. I checked my training schedule and realized that "if" I ran 8K today, not only would I have a *perfect* training week (as in all runs completed as scheduled), but I would set a new PB for weekly mileage (my current PB is 62 km/38 miles, established two weeks ago). I realized that It was more important to me to break this PB than it was to stay home and call it a well-deserved rest day. As a result, a few hours after dinner and a little wine, I surprised my visiting family and myself when I put on my running clothes and announced that I was heading out for an evening run. :)

It was wooooonderful. What a beautiful night for running and such a great way to end my terrific week. :) Angus was clearly in the mood to run because he ran ahead of me for most of the run when he usually runs at heel. He missed yesterday's LSD (too long for him) so he was hankering for some serious exercise (he's smart; he knows what he missed). Wallace, as always, was game for a run of any length so they were the perfect escorts out into the night.

Because my mileage for the week was already at 57 km, I only needed 6 km to 'break' my PB mileage so I used my 6.5 km route. I wasn't sure if I had the desire to run 8 km nor was I sure if I had a safely lit route for a full 8 km. I ended up zig zagging off this path to the road whenever there wasn't enough light, which shortened my route somewhat. By the time I reached my 6 km mark, I still had the desire to continue running. I was able to make up for the remaining two km by running around my local area with street lights. My pace was slow - my 'hot and humid' pace - but I didn't care because this run was all about mileage and fun. I was pretty darn pleased when I saw the magic number 65 appear on my computer screen after downloading my run. :)

A great way to end Phase I: Road Work, especially when it had a shaky start.

Rest day tomorrow, and an 11.5K on Tuesday. I still have a Food Rules #6-10 to write an evaluation about and I need to review my eight weeks of Phase I. Everyone has returned to Peterborough/Douro and Ben is away for a few days so hopefully I can make the time to get this done. :)

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