Saturday, August 6, 2011

Week 7/17 HM Training - Run #4 5K + 8 striders

5K + 8 striders
A strider for 100m at higher speed every 300m

Recovery week continues. :)

I skipped my scheduled 13K on Thursday. And today, I waited until the evening and headed to the fitness club early to run on the TM. I am skipping my 8K + 8 striders tomorrow (Saturday - just as well because I am heavily scheduled non-running-wise). I was aiming for 8K on the TM, but this would have cut it too close to yoga class so I opted for a faster 5K instead. It felt really, really good to run faster than usual, and to have fans blowing air at me. :) I liked the treadmill today, for a refreshing change! :) However, I know Wallace and Angus missed running. And I missed them, too - it felt kind of odd running next to a 20-ish year old guy who literally clung to the treadmill console for dear life (he wrapped both arms around it!) as he walked the steepest incline on the TM. Does exercise like this actually work? It looks so .... odd ....

I felt very good about fitting this workout in and the variety of it was a welcome change to this week. I can feel my mood about running and training lifted so I believe I did the right thing for me by incorporating a recovery week.

I headed to yoga and while I was setting up my mat, etc., my yoga instructor walked over to me and paid me the sweetest compliment in the world! :) She told that she drove by me on Wednesday when I was running home from the last class, and not only was she impressed by how far I had run by the time she left the parking lot, but that I looked very "graceful." "Really?!?!" I responded with amazement, "It's easy to see how others run, but I find it to hard to gauge for myself how I look while running." She repeated it again, and told me to keep up the great work. I told her she could not have said anything kinder to me. It was a wonderful, wonderful compliment to receive.

(By the way, the final class for Working on the Glandular System was great, too!).

When I arrived home, I told Ben what Judy had said to me and how meaningful this compliment was to me. Ben then surprised me with his matter-of-fact response - "But you do look graceful when you run. You are very steady and flow well." Double whammy! Not the kind of compliment I'd expect to hear from him, and he says it in a tone as if it's a given! :) Cloud 9! It's good to know that with the extra weight I carry in comparison to other runners, I'm not looking like clown out there. :)

I have an 8K race tomorrow - my second South Huron Trail Run. I have been looking forward to it because it's a lovely trail and I quite enjoyed it last year. This is my only trail race of the year. My race prediction will be posted later in the day.

Happy running, folks!

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  1. Nice one there. Glad you took the easy week, it will pay off in volumes later on. Good luck tomorrow and above all have fun.