Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Week 8/17 HM Training - Run #2 10K + 8 striders

It would have been a terrible thing not to go for a run today ... the weather was just perfect! :)

Buoyed by my partial, faster run with Shawna, my goal today was to try and capture some of the speed I have missed from my runs this past, hot, sweaty summer. With striders on the schedule and great weather, too, I was hoping for another great run.

It was. :) :) And I had a lot of fun, too. I felt very good and strong throughout the entire run, the boys clearly had a good time, too, and I saw strider speeds on my Garmin that made me smile. For the first time, I changed my Garmin from "distance" only on display and added "pace" because I wanted to make sure that I was pushing it closer to race pace for my half marathon. I was very pleased to see 5:45-5:50/km as my range for the first half of my striders and then to see that I was running 6:10-6:20/km during my last few striders. After seeing golden splits during my run yesterday and then again today, I am feeling much better about where I am at currently in my training. I finally have a sense of payoff for everything that I have put into this so far. :)

And to be honest, you know what impressed me the most about this run? That it felt this good and went so well after a GNO the night before - LOL! All the glasses of water I drank in-between beers paid off in todays' run!! :)

On a final note, I finally learned about the running group I have seen on Saturday morning setting up water stations around Springbank Park. On my run with Shawna yesterday, she told me a bit about them. I originally thought that perhaps this group was a store-related running group, but it turns out that they are splinter group from the half/full marathon group associated with my favourite running store. The runners contribute a fee and organize themselves for weekend long runs. I recall now a post by Shawna months ago referring to this group. They sound quite interesting and I am going to keep them in mind for next spring.

I missed Kundalini yoga this evening. As much as I feel bummed about it (I hate missing class), I committed to helping a friend and it took longer than originally intended. It is what it is and at least I have Friday's class to look forward to. :)

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