Sunday, August 14, 2011

Week 8/17 HM Training - Mileage Total

M = rest
T = 13K
W = 10K + 8 striders
Th = 11.5K
F = rest
S = 22.5K LSD
S = 8K

TOTAL = 65 km

I lied two weeks ago. This is a new PB for weekly mileage and will likely the highest weekly mileage that I run this year. :) This is my last week of Phase I: Road Work and I don't think I am scheduled for as much mileage during Phase II: Strength Work because it involves hill work and tempo runs weekly. We'll see!


  1. Good work! I know how it feels to get such a high weekly milage! All your hard work will definitely pay off! Congrats!

  2. @laurenblake - Thank you! And LOL! As a marathoner, your mileage is in a different number zone from mine! :) But for where I am at and what I am aiming for, I am very pleased! All the 19.K and 16K runs I have as LSDs from this point on should be a little 'easier.'