Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Week 10/17 HM Training - Run#1 Hill Workout

There is a lot of good news in today's post! :)

First, it gives me pleasure to type "Week 10" in my title. I am closer to Week "17" (NFIM race week) than I am to Week "1", and it's nice to see a double digit. :) For 10 weeks, I have been following this training schedule. And for 10 weeks, I have been posting my workouts and going through all the highs and lows associated with them. It's only within the last few weeks that I finally feel that I am beginning to get somewhere with it. :)

Second, I officially crossed over into the 4-digit zone today. :) :) With this morning's run, I have officially run 1,001.2 km in 2011. :) I didn't realize that this was considered a milestone until I saw it as a "Challenge" under the "Community" tab on DailyMile. Because I have been haphazard with my mileage updates on the DM, it shows my total mileage for the year at 930 km, but I have been anal throughout 2011 about uploading all my runs and runs only to my log on Running AHEAD.com so this is my true record. :) I strongly suspect that I was within range of this milestone in 2010, but it's of no interest to me to spend time amalgamating my logs from last year - ha! Suffice it to say, I'm making note of it today in my blog for future reference in 2012. :)

My third and final good news of the day ... I had a great hill workout. Best.hill.workout.to.date! This in no way implies that I actually like hill repeats now ... just that the one I had today was surprisingly very good.

I ran up the hill the first time and it went very well ... by the time I reached the bottom, I decided not to jog lightly for one minute, but just to turn around and do it right away again while I had fresh energy ... and after the second repeat, I decided to try this again ... and again ... and again ... and the next thing I knew, I had run all ten repeats in succession without the suggested minute jog to catch my breath at the bottom. I was so shocked by this, I actually double-checked my hill repeats when I downloaded my workout to make sure I really counted all ten repeats correctly! I'm speculating that one of my dogs must have slipped some steroids in my morning coffee because I have idea where that came from?!?!

I have a 6.5K or a rest day scheduled for tomorrow. I am playing it by ear.

And I only have one more hill workout to go (next week) - woo hoo! :)

P.S. I think I am all caught up on responding to comments so if you have posted comments to me lately, I do eventually reply. :)


  1. I am so happy for you! 1000KM is AWESOME!!!
    Do you think blogging about your training has helped you stick with it? I can never follow training plans :(

  2. Thanks, Suza! :) I appreciate the kudos. :) I definitely think blogging has helped me stick with it - I view this more as a diary for me that I share, so the blog itself helps to keep me accountable to "me". I find the DailyMile posts then add the extra accountability by knowing that I have put my goal(s) 'out there' for other runners to see, and lucky for me, I have a few really great DM friends whose daily encouragement helps to keep me accountable, too!