Saturday, August 13, 2011

Week 8/17 HM Training - Run #4 22.5K (My Longest Distance to Date!)

I had a big grin on my face all day. :) :) I DID IT !! And I did it 'well' for the most part. :) Happy, happy day. :)

I find it funny (as in 'odd', not 'ha ha') how sometimes I feel intimidated and even a little overwhelmed by a certain distance. I felt this way last year about 13K (8 miles), and this year, the jump from 16K (10 miles) to 19.5K (18 miles) was stressing me a bit. However, I had no qualms about 22.5K (14 miles) (?!?!). I realize that it has little to do with the distance itself, and everything to do with how I am feeling about my running ability at that particular time. Because I conquered that 19.5K hurdle two weeks ago, I felt good about trying to run my new, longer distance this morning. It also helped that it was my LSD at the end of my best training week yet. :)

And another thing about this run ... I was actually looking forward to it . Can you believe that! Ha!

I went to Kundalini Yoga last night, and it was a great class as usual. Most of us regulars were there which makes it a more comfortable, 'in sync' environment. Although I had the option of going out for dinner last night, I declined the invite because of yoga. I missed Wednesday's class (a bummer) so I didn't want to miss this entire week. Also, with 22.5K on the brain for the last week, I knew that I needed every advantage, which includes a yoga session the night before. I am at the point now when I can feel the difference so I knew I would regret it if I didn't go.

My morning went according to plan, too. I was up early, had my breakfast and coffee, and was out the door an hour+ later with Wallace.

My BIL suggested the night before my run to break it up into chunks. I have read this so many times before on the DailyMile, in magazine articles, in online articles, etc., but having him say this to me was a good reminder to actually do it! Therefore, as I readied for my run, I made the decision to run a 10K, an 8K, and a 5K today. :) This worked very, very well for me and helped to distract me from the number of miles I had to run. I also concentrated on running steady, like a machine. Another thing that I did was change my paths. Most of the time I choose between two directions - out towards Springbank Park or out past the university to the loop at Richmond St. and back. However, today I selected the third path - toward the east side of London with the turnaround at the dog park/sewage station at Pottersburg. It's a very, very pretty path alongside the river, but it winds through some areas of town that are just not as 'nice' as the others. Not the kind of path I want to be on too early in the morning or too late at night by myself.

1 - 4 km: 7.22, 7:25, 7:21, 7:23 (~11:56/mile)
5 - 6 km; 7:05, 7:07 (~11:24/mile)
7 - 13 km; 7:14, 7:16, 7:16, 7:12, 7:15, 7:18, 7:17 (~11:40/mile)
14 km; 7:20
15 km; 7:34 (~12:12/mile)
16 - 17 km; , 7:23, 7:24
18 km; 7:37
19 - 22 km; 7:44, 7:45, 7:40, 7:42 (~12:20 - 12:28/mile)
.5 km; 7:54 (12:43/mile) ***This is when I was stopped by someone (?!?!)

I am very, very pleased. It felt good until 18K - this is when I could feel myself slowing down. When I saw my splits later, I was not surprised. The good news is that I made it to 18K before it started hitting me. In previous runs, I started feeling it just before 16K so this is an improvement in my endurance.

I did not walk at any point during this run. I ran it consistently from beginning to end. There was a quick poop scoop for Wallace, and I dropped my water bottle at one point. These were my only briefest-of-brief stops. However, at the very end of my run, in my final .5K, a woman on the path waved me down and when I stopped for her, she asked my how much Wallace runs every week (?). When I told her he would have over 60 km by the end of the week, she looked confused. I think in hindsight she meant to phrase her question in a different way. She then told me she wanted to get a dog to run with. I had stopped because I thought she needed help. but once I realized this was an awkward exchange, I smiled, told her running with a dog was great, and then took off. And yes, I was a little miffed about my pace time when I saw it after the fact!

The best part about today's run? When I looked at my 21K/13.1 time, it read 2:34:47. My half marathon time from last fall at the Niagara Falls Half Marathon? 2:37:53. A VERY cool feeling when I can beat race pace in a training run! Nothing feeds the ego more! :) And I am feeling much more confident about my goal in the fall than I have in weeks.

Best training week to date!


  1. Outstanding work, your training is rewarding your effort very well. Standing by for more exciting reports from an awesome runner.

  2. Wowwww!!! Awesome run! What a great accomplishment and a wonderful feeling. Way to go, girl!

  3. @Runnerbill - Thank you! You are very kind. :) It feels good to believe again that the training will have the dividends I seek.

  4. @Courtney - Thank you for your sweet words. :) I really appreciate it!