Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Week 7/17 HM Training - Run #1 11.5K

Thrill Hill Tuesday ... I really hope that all this work I have been putting into running up Riverside Hill twice a week is going to pay off for me when I start Phase II: Strength Training (i.e. hill workouts and tempo runs) in two weeks!

I am going to keep it short today because my posts are too verbose. I need to practice better editing. :)

I ran my scheduled run early this morning - 11.5K. Both Wallace and Angus joined me on this run, and they did great. :) My little superstars. I am incredibly lucky to have two dogs who both love to run and who run well with me. :)

Once again, it is a little cooler and less humid today so it made the run a pleasant one. It started very slowly - my first 3K are the slowest I have seen in quite awhile, even in the heat, but my back is still stiff and sore from Sunday's LSD and it took me this long to warm up and pick up the pace. There were several golden splits :) but I wish the golden splits were my regular splits! :)

I ran up Riverside Hill a.k.a. Thrill Hill a.k.a. Nemesis Hill and with some satisfaction, I noted that it was getting a bit easier to run up. :)

Just as a side note ... I drank coconut water "mango" flavoured when I arrived home. The juice-inspired ones taste a bit better to me than the natural coconut water ... but I am neither here nor there with them. 12 more bottles to go to see if I notice a difference or not. :)

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