Saturday, August 27, 2011

Week 10/17 HM Training - Run #4 LSD 16km Bomb

(This post is a late post ... I finally have the time to edit drafts and publish).

Two bomb runs in a row. :( What started out as a great week is now turning into a dismal finish!

The irony about today's run is that I felt "light" and "springy" when I woke up, even though I was still feeling tired and could feel how much I was lacking in good sleep. I honestly thought when I headed out today with Wallace that it was going to be a good run.

My first 2-3 km are never stellar - it takes me this long to warm-up so when this part of my run proved tough, I kept telling myself to wait, that I would start 'kicking it' once I got past this point. Unfortunately, it just got worse and worse. :( I can't recall a time when everything felt 'wrong' about a run like it was today - my shoes were tied too tight, my shins were feeling extra sensitive, my achilles tendons were very tight (they felt like stiff rods), my hip flexors were achy, my shoulder blades were aching. It was as if my body was falling apart. :( It didn't matter that I had actually looked forward to running 16 km today and it didn't matter that in my heart I genuinely wanted to have a good LSD today - my body was having absolutely nothing to do with it. And so, in a deja vu from Thursday, I turned off the path at the same point as my last run, finished a 5 km run, and then walked/periodically jogged the rest of the way home. :(

As it turns out, I felt cranky all day and my eyelids were heavy for most of the day (a true indication that I am overly tired). And I decided that I was not going to beat myself up about this failed run at all. Last summer, I would cancel a run because I didn't 'feel' like it; this summer, I have not done that at all. I have cancelled runs only when they conflict with my schedule for a specific reason or because I was genuinely exhausted. Even in hindsight, I know that it would have been foolish for me to force myself into this run. :(

At least I have a positive to balance this negative. :) My 70 year old mother attended her first yoga class last night. :) We even went shopping at Reitman's to buy her a new pair of yoga slacks for the class - LOL! My instructor, Judy, was given the head's up last Wednesday that she might be coming with me so she was prepared for Mom's novice status. She spoke with Mom before class, telling her that most new people feel awkward and stupid in the beginning, but to be rest assured - no one in the class was watching her or cared because they were focused on themselves, and that Judy would help her throughout the class. :) I situated Mom up front in front of Judy and beside Jean, a regular who has Parkinson's disease and who usually receives alternative instructions from Judy (sure enough, both Mom and Jean were given alternative poses from Judy and this worked out well). I also decided that I would not interfere - I would remain a student and leave it up to Judy to keep an eye on Mom (I did peek over occasionally to see how she was doing). I was very proud of my Mom for trying her best. She did say later on that some of the first stretches she did were uncomfortable, but as she warmed up, she really got into it.

After the class was over, I started to pack up mats, etc. while Jean and Mom chatted with one another. I realized when I walked over that they were talking about Anita, my aunt, and Jean was speaking enthusiastically. Jean asked Mom right after class if she was related to Anita; she recognized the resemblance between the two sisters. It turns out that she is very good friends with Anita and Mom recalled meeting Jean once, as well as hearing about her often from her sister, Anita. Small world. :)

It was sweet to hear Mom exclaim during a dog walked later in the evening how really GREAT she felt. :)

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