Friday, August 19, 2011

Week 9/17 HM Training - Run #3 Tempo (Session #1)

Tempo Run for 40 minutes

w/u 2 km @7:15/km
Tempo 6.03 km @6:38/km (10:41/mile)
c/d 2 km @7:27/km

Not a bad workout! :)

It's a busy posting day on my blog. First, it's Food Rules Friday so if you are looking for it, sku down a few posts or click on the link. Second, I posted the blurb from my training book on Tempo Runs so again, sku down a post to read this or click on the link. :) The beauty of having pre-written posts scheduled for certain days. :)

Even though I wasn't feeling like being a speed demon when I headed out this morning with the dogs in tow, I was determined to get this tempo run done today. I decided ahead of time to set my 'quick interval' Garmin option for 6:45/km pace for 40 minutes. It's been awhile since I've run at this pace for a training run (my South Huron 8K race excluded) - I'm a little rusty with the speed after so much longer, slower mileage. Rather than going out there "full hog" to try to run a 6:30/km pace, I thought I would ease into it so I aimed for 6:45/km instead.

I had this in mind, too:

Springbank Half Marathon (before track training on Sept. 11)
Course with a few hills and varying inclines
Ideal Goal 2:25 = avg. pace 6:52/km (11:04/mile)

Niagara Falls Half Marathon (after track training on Oct. 23)
Course is very flat with a few inclines near the end
Ideal Goal 2:20 = avg. pace 6:38/km (10:41/mile)

My splits from today's tempo:
1 km - 6:30
2 km - 6:44
3 km - 6:39
4 km - 6:38
5 km - 6:44
6 km - 6:40
0.03 km - 5:23/km (LOL!)

Truth be told, I actually could have run this faster. Unfortunately, I had a little bit of a dead weight with me. :( Angus was not at his fastest today. I didn't think the temperature or the distance would be difficult for him, but just during the warm-up run, he was beginning to slow behind me so I knew then that the tempo might be a challenge for him. He was fine for the first half, but during the second half of the tempo, I could feel 'one' leash at my waist tugging from behind. :( He didn't drag me down completely, but the small, consistent pull from him made it more challenging for me to maintain pace. :( I need to make a judgment call about taking him with me next Friday, when I have my next tempo run scheduled, basing my decision on the weather, temperature, and his fitness that day. I am a little bothered by it; for a young, extremely fit dog, I find it hard to believe that my slow running pace is "too" fast for him for 10km. :(

I have Kundalini yoga tonight. :) I am playing it by ear as to whether or not I head out for a recovery 5K tomorrow. I may I opt out for another rest day because I have a 19.5 km run (12 miles) scheduled for Sunday (I am at 973 km for the year with today's run). :)

I may also shift all my runs by one day next week because I have the Ingersoll Harvest Run on the following Sunday:
  • Mon - rest day (as scheduled)
  • Tues - 11.5 km (cancel and complete hill workout instead)
  • Wed - hill workout (change to Tues and take off instead)
  • Thu - 5 km or rest (change to Wed and complete tempo run instead)
  • Fri - tempo run (change to Thu and take off instead)
  • Sat - 5 km or rest (change to Fri and run 16 km instead)
  • Sun - 16 km (change to Sat and run Harvest Festival Run 10K, making up for cancelled 11.5 km on Tues)


  1. Maybe Angus was not properly hydrated! Do you think they have nuun for doggies? ;)