Wednesday, February 29, 2012

30 minutes barefoot on the TM
- 25 minutes walking
- 5 minutes running

I was feeling pretty crappy with my sore throat so I bailed on my scheduled 6-7K. :(

However, I didn't want to skip on my effort to walk barefoot every other day on the treadmill so I hopped on. Instead of progressing to longer time as I have been doing, I played with speed instead. I started slow and gradually added speed. It gave me a nice little workout. By the time I reached 25 minutes, I was feeling very good about how my feet felt so I decided to challenge myself to five minutes of running ...

... and it was AWESOME! I absolutely LOVED it. Wow! I could have kept running but I stopped at 30 minutes, with the intention of running longer the next time. Very cool! I noticed right away how much shorter my stride was and how much quicker my turnover was so I decided to test myself. Sure enough, within one minute, my right foot touched the ground 81 times. In shoes, I have counted 70 times for my right foot. Wow! Doesn't that speak volumes?

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