Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week #2 - Run #5 (cancelled)

0K (10-12K scheduled)

A bit of a bummer. :( I was looking forward to running a 10-12K as an LSD this weekend. But in a "ditto" to Saturday's post, I still have a lousy head cold and the weather is still a little too challenging for me when I am feeling this way to venture out for a run.

We took the dogs out to the farm like we usually do, choosing a path that protected us somewhat from the wind for our walk. The dogs were happy and running the whole time; they clearly needed the energy burner. I opted to go with Ben and the dogs just so I could get some fresh air into my chest and stretch the legs.

I also skipped pilates with Dr. Tim for the second Sunday in a row. I don't want to pass this cold on to others if possible. :(

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