Thursday, February 9, 2012

Week #2 - Run #3

4.5K (scheduled 6-7K)

Oy! Week #1 went very well; Week #2 - not so much. :(

From beginning to end, I just wasn't feeling this run. I felt like I was forcing it to happen rather than needing a few minutes/kms to warm-up. I knew by the time I reached 4K that it was time to call it a bust.

I recognize that there are days when it's a matter of motivation when it's hard to put on my running shoes. Getting out there and starting to run usually makes the feeling subside. However, today was not one of those days. :( Ha! Oh well! A bit of bummer after my great run yesterday, but not all runs have to be, or are going to be, good. :)

Hot Pilates

I wasn't going to go to class after this shortened, blah run, but it will be the second last time I can attend it for the next three months (changes to my schedule) so I used this sad fact to motivate me out the door. And as it turns out, I really should have stayed home! I knew something was up when I arrived - only half the usual amount of students were there and our instructor was missing. This is when I remembered that Jan had the night off and a substitute was coming in for her. This is when I should have left, but since I was already there ...

Wisely, I didn't set my mat up at the front by the instructor like I usually do. I headed straight to the back corner! And for the next hour, I was grateful that I did. Rather than getting into all the details, suffice it to say that it was not an enjoyable class because it was unlike any pilates I have done in class or seen on the DVDs from the library. This instructor taught in a more frenzied, fast pace way. No one knew what we were doing because we would be told to do one pose or exercise while she was calling out another ... and another. I realized then what I liked so much about the yoga and pilates classes I attend faithfully. Both the instructors take the time to show us how to do it properly. We pause and watch while they show us what to do and then we proceed together. We still get a workout with all the pauses - in fact, we get a better workout because we know what to do, and how to do it. This instructor just kept changing what she wanted us to without rhyme or reason. It just ended up being a frustrating experience, and several of the regular students who did show up looked at each other, and said WTF?!?!? Rather than letting it bother me, I just shook my head and laughed to myself about it. Batting 1000! Par for the course! First a lousy run; then a lousy class. It just wasn't my day and it doesn't happen often so no worries. :)

And I can add this now, since my post is going up late ... but once I arrived home and relaxed for awhile after pilates, I realized that I wasn't feeling well. :( And guess who has a nasty head cold at the moment? :( :(

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