Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Week #1 - Run #2

6K (7-8K scheduled)

Happy February!

I actually forgot to check what mileage I was supposed to be doing before I left - ha! Once again I was under a time constraint, but considering the amount of time I spent walking home, I could have slipped another km in. Oh well! There's always tomorrow. :)

This is my best run to date, but I have to stop saying that because every run can't be a BTD. If anything, it's fulfilling to see that there is progression, which gives me hope that I can return to the level I was at before my calf muscle tear. It really is not that much fun to work toward something and then having to take more than a few steps backward with it. :(

Having said that, since I have been forced to back off mileage for awhile, I am trying to turn this lemon into lemonade by using the recovery time to focus on things like breathing and posture while running. So far, this is having a very positive impact. :) I have started to read, "Chi Running: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-free Running," by Danny Dreyer & Katherine Dreyer, and I just borrowed the DVD from the library. Now I have to make the time to study it. :) I am enjoying this so far because it meshes so nicely with yoga and pilates (all offshoots from the same root). It's making very good common sense to me so I would like to focus on this for the next little while to see if it helps with my running.

I was a weeee bit sore at yoga this evening. I am feeling the pilates after-effect today on my sit bones and in my calves (I wasn't kidding when I said that it was a tougher-than-usual workout; we did new moves and I can feel it!). It was a little uncomfortable sitting in the easy pose for longer periods of time, and there were a couple of poses that I could not hold without a short respite. The class flew by because we started late, but our instructor still ended it on time.

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