Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Week #4 - Run #2

8K (0K scheduled)

A photo from last year's FCRR 5K, crossing the indoor finishing line. :) I now know to wear my orange winter running jacket this Sunday - ha! The first photo of me crossing the finish line shows my heel strike. :( At least the second photo shows improved form ... ha!

Today I scheduled an extra day off for myself in lieu of the race this weekend, but I am not able to run tomorrow so I switched it

The first half of this run was great. In fact, I'm about to describe it with a word I have never used before - effortless. It truly felt great! Everything was in sync. It has been very interesting, but not necessarily all fun, re-teaching myself to run. What I enjoyed about today's run was the recognition that this is starting to pay off for me in the long run. :)

The dogs and I headed in the other direction on the running path today. No ice! This part of the public running path is more heavily used so either the higher traffic melted the snow and ice away, or the city does a much better job of keeping it clearer.

At our turning point in the park, we bumped into my racing buddy and her boyfriend, who were just starting their tempo run/biking workout together. We stopped to chat and the boys enthusiastically embraced her hugs and kisses. We then turned around and headed home.

The second half was not as "effortless" and I found it a little more challenging to get back into sync after our stop. It wasn't terrible, just a little disappointing after having such a great first half. :)

Happy to get this done, considering the week I'm having and the schedule adjustments I have to make (a challenge negatively affecting my attendance for pilates and yoga classes).

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