Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Week #2 - Run #1 (Cancelled)

0K (7-8K scheduled)

My poor little feet were too sore today to go for a run. :(

Before I explain why my feet are so sore, I just want to laughingly apologize to anyone who has signed up for email forwards. I was a busy bee and spent time catching up on all my posts and as a a result, your inbox would have received one very long email with seven posts! Sorry!

I purchased new shoes Monday night - the first pair in a long time that weren't running shoes! - and I decided to break them in by walking the dogs. They were soooo comfortable and I was really liking them ... until suddenly they were no longer 'so' comfortable. I realized that the skin on the back of my feet was being rubbed too much. :( Unfortunately, returning home from this point of realization turned my feet into a minor bloody mess. :( Now, any pair of shoes, including my running shoes, are not feeling great on! Compounded by having a terrible night of sleep last night, I knew I simply didn't have it in me today (Ben has a terrible cold and was up all night, affecting my sleep). And hey, after 5 runs last week, the first time since early September, taking an additional rest day this week is not such a bad idea. :)


I still went to pilates class this evening - woo hoo! It's the first time in awhile that I considered bailing (so tired!), but I am glad I forced myself out the door. It was a good class; we used two pilates balls throughout this session. Although some moves didn't seem to do anything for me (doing it wrong?), the arm strengthening with the balls was excellent. We also did several glutes exercises that every runner should learn! Wow! I can see why pilates and running go together like jam and peanut butter. :) :)

And on a side note, this class was more humourous than usual because there were quite a few farters! I am accustomed to hearing the occasional fart in pilates and yoga; it's the nature of the class. My yoga instructor has told us on numerous occasions not to feel embarrassed if it happens - it shows that you are working the right area of your body. :) However, in this class - toot! toot! toot! toot! toot! all over the room. It was as if one person being "loud and proud" encouraged everyone else to just let it out. A show of solidarity?

And just so you know ... I had nothing to offer. :) :)

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